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Poem of the Week #16: Expenses (Carol Ann Duffy )

New Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy has made her debut with a pithy couplet on the ongoing clusterfuck that is the MP’s expenses saga. Personally, I think everyone has gone a little nuts over this, but if it leads to political reform and weakens the stranglehold the two main parties have on the political system, then happy days.


What did we do with the trust of your vote?
Hired a flunky to flush out the moat.


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Titian’s Age: Who Actually Cares?

Three thoughts spring to mind concerning the ridiculous Titian row in the Commons and the even more ridiculous Wikipedia skulduggery that accompanied it.

1) The little Tory shit who was editing Wikipedia mid debate should be taken out and spanked publically in the House of Commons.

2) Aren’t there more important things to be discussing? Like, say, the suppression of torture evidence, or the state of the economy…

3) Since when was England run by public school boys playing debating society games? Forever, apparently.


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