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Things I Like #5: Team Putney

Technically, I left the house in Putney two weeks ago. But it isn’t about the place, it’s the people I’ve only just left behind; Tavs, Vaughan, and Nikki.


Living with friends can be a risky business – unlike living with a significant other or family member, the ties that bind you are less strong, and it can be more difficult to form a cohesive household. You never know what people will be like to live with until you try – the most amicable people can turn into filthy, passive aggressive psychotics in a domestic situation.

But for the last year and a half, I’ve been blessed with three wonderful housemates…

Vaughan “VJ” Jacob


Greatest Domestic Attribute: Probably the best drunk in the world (sponsored by Carlsberg).

Crime Against Domesticity: Those teabags in the sink…simply unforgivable.

Paul “Chance” Tavner


Greatest Domestic Attribute: In a house (and a friendship group) filled with hopelessly impractical arty types who wouldn’t be able to change a fuse if their life depended on it, he is the light, bestriding practical, manly household tasks like a colossus. A colossus with a full toolkit and massive flinty balls that strike sparks when he walks.

Crime Against Domesticity: Slams doors when angry. Has been known to murder prostitutes after drinking absinthe.

Nikki “Nikabell” Blemings


Greatest Domestic Attribute: The cakes. The cuddles. More cakes. More cuddles. Outstanding for late night, tea fuelled chats, and often wanders around in a towel/underwear. What more can you ask for?

Crime Against Domesticity: Sister, those dishes don’t wash themselves. Visitors have been known to become lost and starve to death in the jungle of clothes on her floor.

Against the odds, this random group of people, thrown together by chance and convenience as much as planning, has worked as a domestic unit. I’m sorry to leave them behind for a time, but who knows? Perhaps we shall cook/clean/drink absinthe together again some time soon…




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