Crafty Odysseus is my (new) little corner of the internet, where idle thoughts are refined into blog posts and cool shit from the internet is collected and categorized. Name doesn’t mean anything especially – Homer invariably calls Odysseus “wily” or “crafty”, and I liked the way it sounds.

If you like what you read, subscribe to the feed: https://craftyodysseus.wordpress.com/feed/. Much easier than visiting the page every once in a while and waiting for new content.

Blogs are a lonely place without comments, so if anything interests you (or bores you) post up a comment and let me know! The blog is very much a work in progress, so if you’ve got any suggestions of things you’d like to see or that could be improved, give me a shout.

Hope you enjoy your time on Crafty Odysseus…


For random travellers from the interwebs, greetings! I’m Tim Leach, a twenty something chap from England. Main interests are books and travel, beer and whisky, running in parks and getting up mountains, art and theatre, characterful friends and women with large brown eyes. I’d like to write professionally; we’ll see how that goes.

If you’d like to know me better, throw me an email at t.c.leach<<at>>hotmail.co.uk.

A Note On Names

To keep things nice and confusing, the blog is called Crafty Odysseus (for no other reason than that it is pretentious and sounds nice), I’m Tim Leach, and I appear as in the comments as “zentimo” (a conflation of my favourite philosophy with my favourite nickname). Alles klar?


One response to “What/Who

  1. Anne H. Putnam

    Liking it so far (although I’m a huge fan of Venice’s back streets, so I might be biased). Keep it up!

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